Family Fun Day - Dance to The Rythm

Family Fun Day - Dance to The Rythm
Oslo African Pilgrim Festival
søndag 30. juni 2024
Dørene åpner 16:00
Konsert starter 17:00
150/100,- +avg
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Family Fun Day - Dance to The Rythm

"The second day of the festival will be focused on community, dialogue, and connectivity.

In a safe venue such as Cosmopolite where multiculturalism is treasured, and with dance, music and food from West-Africa as part of the program we believe speeches from politicians and community-leaders are more well-received and absorbed.

Our local anchoring is our festival location in Oslo, Cosmopolite, as well as Norwegian artists with West-African descents, politicians, participants, collaborators and community-builders.

The artists who come from Norway are Solli and Faras as well as the dance collective Majesty Dance Group and Gibou Ngum and The Afro Mbalaah.

Solli and Faras have performed for Bydel Alna and Furuset, The Nobel Peace Price and they were semifinalist at the famous Norske Talenter. The Majesty Dance Group is an all-female dance group that comes from various background and creates a powerful statement of multicultural coexistence.

Gibou Ngum and The Afro Mbalaah consists of a team of Musicians and Artists Promoting African Musical,Cultural and Artistic Heritage.

Performing with the famous jembe and talking drum. It's an assemble of rhythmic percussion in a uniform style. With a selection of best pieces from different African countries, like Senegal, The Gambia, Mali and Guinée. With a special surprise of Zimba, commonly known as the Lion of Africa. Zimba is a masquerade usually found in Senegal and The Gambia depicting the lion in the jungle and it's behaviours.

The artists we have chosen for the program are intended to appeal to adults, but especially for young people and children. Entertaining, positive and engaging artists, musicians, dancers and performers are intended to spark joy, positivity and pride in the young people attending the festival.

Day two is a community-building family party with many of the artists of the list performing, combined with dancing, food-stands and speakers. Is a family fun day, a date for the entire family to have historic, yet memorable day. Come out an enjoy the rhythm of Africa in a colourful way. It's going to be spectacular evening, with dance moves, lead by a professional who give simple steps choreography.

Oslo African Pilgrimage» is a festival to celebrate West-African culture for the many West-Africans living in Norway. As organizers we also hope descendant Norwegians will discover the many treasures of this vibrant culture. The festival is initiated at a time where West-Africans are gathering momentum in showcasing their culture, through writing, gastronomy, music, and dance. «Oslo African Pilgrimage» is intended to help the younger generation discover their identity – with an ultimate goal of achieving resonance with their origins. We believe identity to be a cornerstone of every happy, thriving and constructive citizen, and therefore community-building is a central objective of the festival"