Xibalba 2023 Dødes Dag Festival

Xibalba 2023
Oslo Live Music
fredag 10. november 2023
Dørene åpner 16:00
Konsert starter 17:00
700/350/150/100,- +avg
18 år med gyldig ID

Xibalba 2023 Dødes Dag Festival

Xibalba is a yearly Mexican festival celebrating the Day of the Dead in Norway since 2015. Multidisciplinary international artists gather around the “Dia de Muertos” giving vibrant color to the city with live music, traditional dances, mouthwatering traditional cuisine, elegant traditional attire; a festival where stories are shared and grief intertwines with joy.  Xibalba is not merely a festival; it is an invitation to celebrate life, honor the departed, and embrace the cyclical nature of existence. Join us as we pay homage to the Day of the Dead—a profound, soul-stirring experience that touches hearts, celebrates tradition, and reminds us of the beauty and resilience of the human spirit.

Xibalba  Day of the Death Spectacular Festival!

Join us for a mesmerizing journey into the rich traditions of the Day of the Dead – a celebration of life, love, and memories.

Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant colors, intricate altars, and captivating displays that honor those who have come before us.

Let the rhythmic beats of live mariachi music and folkloric performances sweep you into the heart of Mexican culture.

Get creative at our interactive workshops, where you can paint your face in traditional calavera style or craft your very own papel picado masterpieces.

Savor the flavors of authentic Mexican cuisine, from mouthwatering street tacos to delectable sweet treats – a culinary fiesta that will tantalize your taste buds!

Join the procession as we remember and celebrate our loved ones through music, dance, and heartfelt tributes. Let the power of unity and remembrance fill the air.

This event is perfect for families, friends, and anyone curious about the beauty and significance of the Day of the Dead. Come, be a part of a festival that embraces life’s journey beyond the veil.

Secure your tickets now and don’t miss out on this enchanting experience! Limited spots available.

For more information and ticket bookings, visit: http://www.xibalbadodesdag.com

Remember, life is a gift to be cherished, and the Day of the Death Spectacular Festival is here to celebrate it in all its glory. See you there!