Avant Garde
Friday 29. November 2024
The doors open at 20:00
Concert starts at 21:00
Ticket price
450/400,- +avg
Age limit
18 years with valid ID
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In 2024, the Ukrainian quartet DakhaBrakha celebrates its 20th anniversary as a band. The band was founded in the Kyiv theater "Dakh" and has become a symbol of the new Ukraine – free, bold, and independent.

"An insurgent explosion of colors and reinvention" - Hackney Citizen

Pounding drums, cello strumming, crimson beads, and lambswool hats are all characteristics of the Ukrainian self-proclaimed "ethno-chaos." The group is closely connected to their homeland but has also become a cultural phenomenon among international audiences.

"Perhaps Ukraine's most popular orchestra!?(...) A musical revelation" - Puls.no

The award-winning theater quartet with multi-instrumentalist singers has experimented with Ukrainian folk melodies and rhythms, incorporating elements from African, Arabic, Bulgarian, and Hungarian styles. Altogether, their music is a blend of authentic ethnic material.

"An anarchic interpretation of traditional Ukrainian folk songs mixed with eclectic influence like a Middle Eastern sound with a touch of RnB" - The Washington Post

DakhaBrakha creates wild and unforgettable music that is both solemn and modern at the same time. And where does their inspiration come from, you might ask? DakhaBrakha travels to various villages, visits local grandmothers, and asks to hear their folk songs. This is how the group's unique and aggressive sound is formed – a sound that involves both ritualistic tribal rhythms and extraordinary vocals.

"People actually got up and danced! In the Barbican. A rare and beautiful sight" - Hackney Citizen

Today, DakhaBrakha is a strong counterforce to Russia's aggression. Band member Marko Halanevych explains it as: "Since the invasion, we have felt a special responsibility (…) Our band shows a small part of a rich culture, and with our existence, we reject the Russian propaganda about 'The one nation'."

"A delight for the ears and eyes" - Boston Globe

Line up:

Marko Halanevych – accordion, cajon, darbuka
Iryna Kovalenko – keyboard, djembe
Olena Tsybulska – drums
Nina Garenetska – cello