Practical information

Practical information

Cosmopolite Scene is here to provide you with all the information you need regarding activity at our concert halls. If you can't find the information you are looking for down below, please feel free to send an e-mail to


Cosmopolite Scene wants to be inclusive and accessible to everyone.


We have many events of different sizes, with different layouts of the halls, so that we can adapt to the best possible sulution for every event.


Wheelchairs have a driveway on the right side of the main entrance. From the foyer there is a wheelchair lift up the stairs to the halls.


Here are HC toilet, bars and HC places on one level. For fire safety reasons, wheelchairs are not allowed in the gallery.


More information to come

Carer certificate

We have an accompanying scheme for all our own productions.

Handicap parking

There are reserved seats across the street for our entrance.

Do you have special needs?

Feel free to contact us at in advance, so that we can make the best possible experinece to your needs.


Transport and parking

Public transport:
Bus: bus 20 - closest stop is Torsovsgata, and bus 30 - closest stop is Torshovparken 
Tram: closest stop is Torshov, line 11, 12 and 18
Subway: closest stop is Storo and Carl Berner

There are parking spots all around the area.

Handicap parking:
There are reserved parking spots across the street of the main entrance.

Ticket sales

Cosmopolite are selling tickets to all events one hour before concert start subject to the event not being sold out.

Ticket presale:
Tickets are presold through Ticketmaster, phone 815 33 133 or

You may choose between:
- TicketFast (recieve your ticket via e-mail and print out or scan in the door through smartphone/tablet).
- Mail (the ticket will be sent to your mailbox).
Ticket fee will be added on top of the stated ticket price.

On Cosmopolites own concert bookings, we always offer discounts to students with valid student ID, seniors, Carer certificate and members of Norwegian Jazz Forum. On the bookings held by other organizers, see more information in that particular event.

Age limit

We operate with an 18 year limit on all our shows, with the exception of some of our rental events.

We offer guardianship arrangements on some of our shows, where one guardian can bring a maximum of two people under the age of 18. In our case, a guardian means a grown up person, preferably a parent or teacher. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. 


At our ticket booth you can pay with card and bankaxept.

In our bars you can pay with card, visa, credit card, foreign cards and bankaxept.

In our wardrobes you pay with VIPPS.


We have both seated and standing concerts, and furnish the venue according to the type of performance. We do not operate with seat booking, but if you have special needs this will be taken care of. Please contact us at ahead of the concert.

Cancelled/ moved event

In case of cancellation, purchased tickets must be returned to the outlet within 30 days after the concert was to take place (please contact Ticketmaster at 815 33 133 or write to their customer service). Some concerts will not be canceled, but will be moved to a new date where the purchased ticket is still valid. Ticket fee is non-refundable.