Practical Information

Practical Information

Cosmopolite Scene consists of two unique halls; Cosmopolite and Belleville - both with a wide range of possibilities. On this page, you will find everything you need in regards to technical spesifications, including stage and hall sketches. If you want to have a look at the premises, please contact us directly here.


One of Norway's most exciting venues offers a grand scheme of opportinities; concerts, musicals, congresses, seminars, kick-off's, anniversaries... Basically, every event in need of a stage.

Sound spec

Light spec

AV spec





Belleville is our club venue integrated with Cosmopolite through a long walk down to the entrance area. The premises have a very good stage with good sight lines and are better suited to smaller events. There is a separate PA and light rig in the hall.

Sound spec

Light spec

AV spec

Additional equipment

All listed below can be used in both halls. Renting extra equipment comes in addition to the hall rental.



Wireless system

Monitor system

Bus parking


We have the opportunity to set up a bus parking right outside our venue.
Here we have blue power with both 32A and 16A plugs.

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