St. Paul & the Broken Bones

St. Paul & the Broken Bones
Cosmopolite Scene
Wednesday 12. June 2024
The doors open at 19:00
Concert starts at 19:30
Ticket price
470/420,- +avg
Age limit
18 years with valid ID
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St. Paul & the Broken Bones

19:30 - Cap Carter
20:30 - St.Paul & The Broken Bones

"A revival of 'old school' RnB from the South" - The Rolling Stone Magazine

The eight-piece band, St. Paul & the Broken Bones from Alabama, Birmingham, is known for their high-energy soul music with frontman Paul Janeway leading the charge. Janeway grew up in the church environment in Alabama and was actually supposed to become a preacher as a young man – something he brings into his role as a vocalist.

"Janeway... blends the preacher's sense of theatricality with a fabulous gospel/soul voice and the ability to switch between the lyrical and the wild, uncontrolled within the same song!" - The Guardian

The album "Angels in Science Fiction" is the band's latest studio album, released in 2023. The lyrics are written by Janeway and are about his recent fatherhood to his daughter Marigold.

"The music on this record is beautiful and tonal, touching and melancholic" - Pop Matters giving the album 8/10

National Public Radio also claims that the album is the closest the band comes to folk music! Other genres mixed into the soul and RnB-heavy music include: rock & roll, psychedelia, and funk!

"Permeated with the musical tradition of the Southern states" - The Guardian

Esquire magazine has described St. Paul & the Broken Bones' live shows as "powerful performances that overwhelm and disorient the audience," resulting in appearances at Lollapalooza, Coachella, and Glastonbury.

Support Cap Carter: 

Support for St. Paul and the Broken Bones is the up-and-coming Cap Carter, who merges R&B with soul - in a unique way and with his own distinct "edge." Cap is an open book, showcasing his reality and his journey in life by fighting his way back to life. Due to his openness and vulnerability, as shown through his lyrics, he has a very deep connection to his fanbase. His debut single, "Relapse," was released on Island / Republic, and with the single, Cap believes he managed to write himself out of the darkness - and into the light - where he found hope.

Line up:

Paul Janeway – vocals Browan
Lollar – guitar and vocals
Jesse Phillips – bass
Kevin Leon – drums, percussion
Al Gamble – keyboards
Allen Branstetter – trumpet
Amari Ansari – saxophone
Chad Fisher – trombone