Proceso Eterno

Patricia Guerrero in Proceso Eterno
Oslo Flamencofestival
Sunday 12. March 2023
The doors open at 18:00
Concert starts at 19:00
Ticket price
380/250,- +avg
Age limit
18 years with valid ID

Proceso Eterno

Welcome to the seventh edition of Oslo International Flamenco Festival happening from March 10th to 12th.

In collaboration with Cosmopolite scene we present and close this 7th edition with a world class flamenco performance Proceso Eterno by Patricia Guerrero awarded as the best flamenco dancer by the Ministry of Culture of Spain among other important prizes. 

About:  Proceso Eterno:
Patricia Guerrero makes us a part of her confession in the form of a dance that constructs and deconstructs itself on each movement, as she performs her utopias knowing that there is dystopia as well. She dances for you, the one who is watching her, the one who is feeling her. Patricia Guerrero knows about old tradition and belongs to avantgarde. Contemporary, daring, creative, free, feminist, woman..., bailaora.
Her show “Catedral” got her on top as an artist, and also set her free as a woman. 

In this piece, “Proceso Eterno”, Patricia Guerrero dives into the process of life, where loops and patterns repeat themselves constantly from a starting point to be reached once and again. A constant created by the fear of breaking social barriers created by ourselves.
Musical composition, performance, originality by one of the greatest guitarist Dani de Morón, head of a generation of young flamenco guitars today; Sergio “El Colorao” belongs to the “Coloraos” dynasty from Granada, with a sweet and flamenco voice that awakens the senses; and percussion by Agustín Díassera, always alongside Patricia in her works, bringing his rhythmic and musical wisdom and techniqueaportándole su sabiduría y técnica musical y rítmica.
“Proceso Eterno '' is a straightforward piece with a manin focus on music and pure dance, showing contemporary flamenco at its best.