Richard Bona Alfredo Rodriguez Pedrito Martinez by Tor Hammerø

Richard Bona
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Tor Hammerø
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Richard Bona Alfredo Rodriguez Pedrito Martinez by Tor Hammerø

At Voldsløkka in Oslo, there was a flood. A little further away in the street, there was a real fire!

There was a real fire!

Each of us had met several of them before, but this tour was the debut of the gentlemen as a trio. Whether they originally come from different continents - or maybe not? - there were exceptionally few, no one, I would really argue, problems with the personal and musical chemistry.

So we have three musicians in the highest tier layer on each of their instruments. They come from cultures where it is not "forbidden" to tell their audience how talented instrumentalists they are. They do so with good humor, but at the same time they show us what respect they have for each other and the musical message they would like to convey.

Richard Boba
Richard Bona and Alfredo Rodriguez, photo Tore SÊtre


We got the three pretty much as a trio, but all also got to show up thoroughly alone. Bona with his looping machines and wonderfully beautiful and unique voice, Rodriguez with his temper and very advanced technique and Martinez with his rhythmic universe of which he is completely alone.

Ricgard Bona
Richard Bona, photo Tore SÊtre


Pedrito Martinez
Pedrito Martinez, photo Tore SÊtre


Richard Bona
Richard Bona, photo Tore SÊtre


The light-hearted marsh evening became much easier and warmer after meeting these kind-hearted masters.

Richard Bona - Pedrito Martinez - Alfredo Rodriguez

Cosmopolite, Oslo - 04.03.20

About 350 people

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