Mandatory use of a face mask on all events!

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Mandatory use of a face mask on all events!

From 29.10, it will be mandatory to wear a face mask on Cosmopolite Scene.

Oslo Municipality writes: In situations where the distance requirement cannot be maintained, face masks must be used. This applies, for example, on arrival, during breaks, in queues to buy food and drink, during toilet visits and the similar activities.

All spectators must bring their own face masks and will not be allowed into the venue without it. It will not be necessary to wear a face mask when sitting in your seat. The employees at Cosmopolite Scene also wear face masks throughout the evening.

Cosmopolite Scene takes the infection control measures seriously and has so far no known cases of infection from our events since the start of the season on 5 September. It should be safe to go to a concert with us, and therefore we do what we can to follow all guidelines from FHI. This is how we can continue the concert autumn with 200 audience under the safest framework.

See you at one of our concerts!