Voo Voo

Voo Voo
Nu Jazz
Polske Filmdager | Cosmopolite Scene
Saturday 19. October 2024
The doors open at 20:00
Concert starts at 21:00
Ticket price
390/340 + bill.avg
Age limit
18 years with valid ID
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Voo Voo

Legendary Polish band Voo Voo will perform for the first time in Norway! New album: Premiere!

Polish Film Days – the largest Polish art and culture festival in Norway – invites you to a concert in cooperation with Cosmopolite Scene!

We can expect a magical experience delivered by Polish top artists known for pushing musical boundaries. The Polish band was established in 1985 by Wojciech Waglewski and has shown, from the beginning until now, a unique ability to connect different music genres. Voo Voo blends rock with folk music from various world regions, but also with other newer music genres like drum and bass, hip hop, or nu jazz. Voo Voo brings together concert audiences from different generations and also unites artistic communities related to music, art, theater, and the film industry. Their music also combines musical contrasts and "natural" counterweights flowing from the band's two unique personalities – Wojciech Waglewski (band leader/composer/guitar/vocals) and Mateusz Pospieszalski (saxophone, flute, bass clarinet, keyboard, accordion), similar to the Lennon-McCartney duo.

Voo Voo creates an energetic atmosphere at their live concerts where participants can immerse themselves in the music and experience the concert with all their senses. In the 80s, the band performed about 300 concerts per year! One of their songs became the iconic anthem for WOSP – the largest Polish TV charity event held every year for 30 years. The positive energy from previous concerts became their inspiration to create a new album with the controversial title Premiere. This will be a premiere of Premiere in Norway and also the first performance of the band here. You could say it will be a double debut of Voo Voo in the fjord lands!

The album Premiere is a new and exciting manifestation of the band's artistic ADHD. The content of the record was put together after their fantastic concert tour, but also as a desire to present the current version of Voo Voo. Most musical pieces were recorded as live improvisations in the recording studio.

"The band had very intense sessions in the recording studio. The recordings were short to save the energy that we will soon bring to the stage. This is a Voo Voo record, sounds like a Voo Voo record, looks like a Voo Voo record, and tastes like a Voo Voo record. Bon appétit!..." – Wojciech Waglewski

That evening at Cosmopolite Scene, we will experience the unforgettable musical performance of the quartet – Waglewski / Pospieszalski / Martusewicz / Dobrowolski, the essence of the band Voo Voo. But we will also hear echoes of the band's rich history, their outstanding contribution to the history of Polish rock. Speaking of history, it is also worth mentioning that the Voo Voo band collaborated with a long list of fantastic music stars such as Don Cherry, Andy Sheppard, Dave Douglas, Twinkle Brothers, Esperanza Spalding, or Alim Qasimov, as well as Tomasz Stańko, Urszula Dudziak, Wojciech Karolak, Leszek Możdżer, Anna Maria Jopek, Mamadou Diouf, Ziut Gralak, Fisz, and more.

In addition to the repertoire from the new album, we will also hear old songs with their universal message that brings people from all corners of the world together. Waglewski has emphasized on several occasions that words are only an addition to the music. Voo Voo's strong, vibrant music will contribute to creating a fantastic atmosphere for all of us that evening at Cosmopolite Scene.


Wojciech Waglewski – guitar, vocals, and band leader
Mateusz Pospieszalski – saxophone, flute, bass clarinet, keys, accordion, and vocals
Karim Martusewicz – double bass and bass
Paweł Dobrowolski – drums

Main Organizers:
Cosmopolite Scene og Polske filmdager
Co-financed by:


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