Minyo Crusaders

Minyo Crusaders
Cosmopolite Scene
Thursday 6. June 2024
The doors open at 19:00
Concert starts at 20:00
Ticket price
320/270,- +avg
Age limit
18 years with valid ID
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Minyo Crusaders

Founder of Minyo Crusaders, Katsumi Tanaka, was inspired to delve into his inner self after a devastating earthquake in Tohoku in 2011. Tanaka became interested in the rather unknown Japanese folk music "min'yō" and envisioned it in a transformed version as dance music and global pop music.

"Atop the world" - Songlines

This was the beginning of the band that, according to The Times, "Sounds like nothing else on your Spotify list," and which reworks the historical Japanese songs with Latin, African, Caribbean, and Asian rhythms in the music.

The debut album "Echoes of Japan" was released in 2019, receiving reviews that stated:

"Unlikely fusion and magnificent grooves" - The Guardian

"Lovely album" - Afropop Worldwide

"This band embraces the dynamics of folk music. The Minyo Crusaders are not afraid to innovate!" - Pop Matters

"Min'yō" are songs sung by fishermen, sumo wrestlers, and coal mine workers, and the lyrics are about honoring their ancestors, as well as more everyday themes like drinking. Katsumi Tanaka says about the music style: "We Japanese may not be connected to 'min'yō' in our daily urban lives, but the melodies, singing style, and rhythms of the taiko drums are rooted in our DNA."

Katsumi Tanaka explains the mission of Minyo Crusaders as follows: "We will bring high-cultural 'min'yō' back to its down-to-earth roots."

"A confident mastery of all genres played" - Jazzwise

Come and experience the sensational 10-piece band – a crusade showcasing cumbia, Ethiopian jazz, Thai pop, afrofunk, and reggae.

"Electronic keys draw a neon line down the middle of the sound, a touch of the present, confirming Minyo Crusaders' style as belonging here and now, even though much of the music is from elsewhere and other times." – Pop Matters, gives "Echoes of Japan" 8 out of 10

Line up:
Ichiro Tsukamoto – vocals
Kayoko Yuasa – trombone
Koichiro Osawa – saxophone
Katsumi Tanaka – guitar
Moeko Hayashi – keyboards
Keitaro Kanamine – bass
Mutsumi Kobayashi – bongo
Hiroshi Enami – conga
Sonoo Ide – timbales