El Niño y la Verdad

Emilio Frìas
Cosmopolite Scene | SalsaNor
Sunday 15. May 2022
The doors open at 19:00
Concert starts at 20:00
Ticket price
450/400,- +avg
Age limit
18 years with valid ID
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El Niño y la Verdad

In Cuba the rumor has it that after El Niño y la Verdad has played a concert, dancers are singing all the way back home and the day after. Guitar play by Dayron Ortega and the rhythmical melodies of the band really gets the audience moving (and singing).

Since the band’s very first concert in Havana, their shows have been packed, something which is rarely seen in the Cuban capital’s competitive “fiesta” scene. To this day, El Niño y la Verdad is counted as one of Cubas top three salsa orchestras!

Songwriter and lead vocalist Emilio Frias was baptized “El Niño” meaning “The Boy” by his mentor and maestro of Cuban music Elito Revé. Frias was part of Revés orchestra for four years and made worthy of the title “Sonero” – an improvising lead singer in a salsa orchestra.

Leaving behind many years of changüí-music and other Cuban traditions, “El Niño” wanted to find his unique and personal sound as well as cultivating “the essence of Cuban popular music”. The result? El Niño y la Verdad is a band playing rythms and melodies based on both modern and classical genres of Cuban music.

The band has released many popular albums, including «Más duro», which gained the band recognition and fame also outside Cuba. In 2020 the band put together a big musical project called “Voces De Hou” / “The Voices of Today” featuring leading musicians such as Alexander Abreu, Alain Perez, Maikel Dinza, Pupy Pedroso, amongst others. El Niño y la Verdad's last release, «El hijo del viento» is featuring percussionist Horacio «El Negro» Hernández as guest artist.

Latino Dj Sezar is spinning his records, serving mambo and salsa and everything Cuban after the show – putting the dancefloor on fire!



  • Emilio Frias Peña - lead vocal, band leader
  • Roberto Morales Hernandez - vocal
  • Anders Martinez Izquierdo - vocal
  • Dayron Rodriguez Velazco - congas
  • Kennys Luis Cepero Coronado - timbales
  • Eugenio Martinez Moraga - bongo
  • Damian Kindelan Almaguer - guiro
  • Javier Moreno Poiloto - piano
  • Osniel Ivan Suarez Crespo - bass
  • Ernesto Orlando Robles Gutierrez - guitar
  • Luis Miguel Sanchez Nelson - keys
  • David Armando Navarro Rodriguez - trumpet
  • Santiago Ceballos Seijido - trumpet
  • Jesus Javier Morales Arrechea - trombone
  • Armando Soler Sebasco - trombone

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