To firends of Cosmopolite Scene

Lee Fields

To firends of Cosmopolite Scene

Dear friends of Cosmopolite Scene, dear audience,
Nothing went as planned this year ...

After long months of absence for reasons we all know, we are excited to announce Cosmopolite for reopening!

We have been looking forward to this moment and can without exaggeration say that we look forward to seeing you again!

We were beaten to the ground in the face of these unique conditions, but our commitment remains unwavering. We owe it to the artists we support, and we owe it to you too.

We are currently working on putting on even more concerts for the autumn. All information will be communicated to you shortly: Stay tuned!

We will be committed to respecting the necessary infection control rules, and we will do our best to welcome you under the best conditions, and once again offer exceptional musical moments.


Thank you for your patience and support,

The Cosmopolite team