Kroke ft. Jorunn Marie Kvernberg & Åshild Vetrhus

Cosmopolite Scene
Thursday 22. October 2020
The doors open at 19:00
Ticket price
300/250,- +avg
Age limit
18 years with valid ID
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Kroke ft. Jorunn Marie Kvernberg & Åshild Vetrhus

This concert is a part of Polske Filmdager (Polish Film Festival), the largest Polish art festival in Norway.

Originally known for Klezmer music, Kroke draws inspiration from ethnic music through their own improvisations. This way, they create their own unique style, genre bending across time and space. This has not only been discovered by audiences, but also other well-known artists worldwide like Nigel Kennedy, Tomasz Stańko, and the Spanish violinist Diego Galaz among others.

The band recently released their latest album ‘Rejwach’, containing music composed for a theatre production with the same name, based on the book written by Mikołaj Grynberg.

In 2011 Førdefestivalen invited the Norwegian folk music trio Tindra to cooperate with Kroke. The musicians from Poland and Norway hit the mark both musically and personally, and this led to both a radio broadcasting of the concert, an album release and several live performances together.

On October 22nd, the Polish trio and two of the three musicians from Tindra will meet again on stage. Jorun Marie Kvernberg and Åshild Vetrhus will, together with Kroke, create Norwegian-Polish musical magic. The famous song "Ajde Jano" has got new, dreamy Norwegian lyrics, and Kroke's own composition "Fields of Sorrow" has got a new companion in the old Norwegian hymn " Bort, Verden av mit sinn og øye ". These are just a few of the things you can expect this evening!


Kroke has previously performed at Cosmopolite with great success, maintaining the Jewish Klezmer tradition, but playing it in their own way. The trio started their musical career at jazz clubs in Kazimerz, the Jewish quarter in Krakow, and got their breakthrough when Steven Spielberg discovered their music during the filming of “Schindler’s List”. Peter Gabriel and David Lynch are also great admirers of Kroke. 



  • Jerzy Bawoł – accordion
  • Tomasz Kukurba – viola
  • Tomasz Lato - double bass


in collaboration with: 

Polske Filmdager



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