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Hassan Reyvandi - AVLYST


Hasan Reyvandi was born on Sunday March 21, 1976 in Sabzevar, Iran. His voice imitation talent was developed in childhood and he always made use of his innate art in school celebrations. His first stage performance took place when e was 15 in Shahid Mofatteh Hall in Sabzevar where he performed in a Dahe- y- Fajr celebration for a group of audience and some local artists. He has been graduated in Physical Education from Hakim Sabzzevari University, andh his main job is teaching. After military services, Reyvandi professionally continued voice imitation and performance and he has been one of the students of Mohammad Nouri and has learnt solfege under his supervision.

Hasan Reyvandi, a stand-up comedian, is an Iranian showman and a presenter. Reyvandi, has established the first Laughter Show in Iran (June, 25, 2012 in Milad tower). His Laughter shows include: introducing a social satire, entertaining people, imitating singers and amusing humors

The duration of shows performed by Reyvandi (Laughter Shows) are about two hours which are held non-stop and face to face with the audience. Using satire, he specifically and critically tries to express dishonesty and deviousness and tries to modify them without any distortion, which is thought provoking His shows have a complex nature and are multi-layered. Although its nature is based on laughter, it only considers laughter as a means of achieving a nobler goal and informing people of deep social problems that makes people think.

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