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Afshin is no doubt one of the biggest Persian pop stars.

His music is fresh and new, merging Persian lyrics an musical traditions with Western pop, in a style and quality that noone else in the Persian scene has achieved. Afshin´s musical production is of the highest possible standard, comparable to the biggest US and European productions.

Just recently he released his fourth CD album entitled "Maach"(Kiss), and everybody in the Persian scene is hooked. This is no wonder, as it is a milestone production with hit after hit, thanks to Afshin´s great talent in writing catchy tunes and thanks to the great production of Kostas Karagiozidis, his producer in German.

Live concerts became a major part of Afshin's career, as audiences went stark raving crazy. Afshin played with his live band worldwide, including performances in: Canada (Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa), USA (Atlanta, Washington, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston), Dubai, UK (London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol, Briton), Denmark (Copenhagen, Arhus), Sweden (Stockholm, Malmoe, Gothenburg), Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam), Belgium (Brussels), Austria (Vienna), Australian (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide), New Zeeland (Auckland), Turkey (Istanbul, Antalya), Armenian (Erwin), Cyprus, Tajikistan (Dushanbe) and of course Germany.His next albums "Maach (kiss)", released in 2005, and "The song for x)" released in 2008, turned Afshin into a mega star in Iran and broke all sales records.

Afshin´s music not only addresses the big topic of "love", but also incorporates his past, as he sings about his homeland, Iran, and its political problems. "Irane Man" is one of Afshin's favorite songs, a song about the political situation in Iran, poor living conditions, and people´s readiness to die for their country.

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