Aldersgrense: 18
Dørene åpner:21:00
Billetter: 260/260 + avg

Saeed Shayesteh

Saeed has lately been one of the most active performers of the Swedish stages. And his debut album has received an amazing attention and support from the people!! His fans are of all ages, and the radio stations and DJs are bombarded with their frequent requests!

In absence of strong and active Europe-based labels, “Ghasre Geli” is not released by any specific label.The arrangements are by Farhad Arbabi, who is also one of the producers along with another Farhad, Farhad Zand.Saeed is a POP music artist, but with a strong leaning towards the Iranian Arabesque sound!!! People have asked me about the origin of what I call the “Iranian Arabesque” Well the origin of all Arabesque styles is the Arabic music, and its hybridization with the local music of other Middle Eastern countries and mainly Mediterranean countries, has given birth to what today is called “Arabesque”. The best examples can bee seen in Greek and Turkish music, which are derived directly from the Arabic sound! The Iranian Arabesque sound is on the other hand influenced by its Turkish counterpart So it’s not really a coincidence that Ibrahim Tatlises and Omid sound very similar. Today the Turkish and Iranian Arabesque genres have learned to coexist in a symbiotic relationship. "