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Elephant Man and his Soundsystem Crew

If you saw me today you are never gonna forget me. My hair, my clothes, my style..I'm crazy man, I'm the Energy God. Father of the Dancehall.... Elephant Man

A true entertainer is versatile and makes music for the world, says Elephant Man in his rough Jamaican baritone. His boisterous demeanor, quick chatting lyricism and unforgettable stage presence have all helped transform this Seaview Gardens local deejay into an internationally recognized reggae phenomenon. Elephant Man's music has brought a new innovative flavor to the dancehall. His free-spirited vibration leaves you eager to do nothing less than let loose and party, making it blatantly evident that Ele's mission is to create energy infused music that everyone can enjoy.

Support : Kasimba and Junior Maestro (oslo) & Roots Reggae Band The Pilgrims