Aldersgrense: 18
Dørene åpner:20:00
Billetter: 150/150 + avg

Carlos Quilici & Los Tauras Quintet

Carlos Quilici - bandoneon, direction & arrangements
Mariano Braun - piano
Carlos Gantus - guitar
Javier Gómez - violin
Domingo Porta - double-bass

Den anerkjent argentinske Tangokvintetten har spilt sammen siden 1995. De spiller et repertoar godt egnet til dans, med egne arrangement og komposisjoner. Musikken balanserer mellom tradisjonell og avant-garde tango, med en særegen rytmisk styrke.

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Created in 1995 by Carlos Quilici at the School of Music of the National University of Rosario (Argentina).
Most of the repertoire of the group is for dancing. It includes tangos of all times and own compositions.

The arrangements and adaptations belong generally to Carlos Quilici. These propose a balance between traditional and avant-garde tango, respecting the original melodies and imprinting a pointed out rhythmical strength.

Frequently participate as a guest Ricardo Paradiso on vocals and also various tango dancers.

In 1996 the group records live for FM "Vida", in the "Big Audio Studio" of Rosario.

In September 2000 the quartet launch its first CD entitled "Rasgo". It includes original pieces of instrumental nature by Carlos Quilici and Carlos Gantus, and others by Carlos Quilici in collaboration with lyrics by local poets (Andrés Pierucci, Rogel de Niz and Armando del Fabro), and the participation of Ricardo Paradiso on vocals.

In July 2003 the quintet "Los Tauras" releases their second CD entitled "¿Bailamos?" ("Shall we dance?"). It contains classic pieces by great tango composers and new compositions by Carlos Quilici, all of instrumental nature with a dancing character. In June 2006 the quintet launch its third CD called "En vivo en Europa". It was recorded live principally at Rivoli (Turin, Italy), during the second European tour of the group, in December 2005. It includes tangos of various periods and some compositions by Carlos Quilici, also all of instrumental nature with a dancing character.

In January 2008, as "Carlos Quilici y su quinteto Los Tauras", is released the fourth CD
entitled "Gauchita sueca".It is edited by "Ediciones musicales rosarinas" of the Rosario Council, Argentina, as a co-production, after to be selected in a competition for that. The disc includes classical tangos and others almost without broadcasting, new compositions by Carlos Quilici and three works with Ricardo Paradiso on vocals.

Apart from taking part in live performances in local TV and Radio programs, and in Channels such as "Volver", "ATC" (actually Channel 7), "Crónica TV” and Canal "a", it is necessary to emphasize the permanent broadcasting performances on "SoloTango" Channel, of international transmission.

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