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Bona - Gadd - Luc

Richard Bona - bass
Steve Gadd - trommer
Sylvain Luc - gitar

Some musical matches are evident, coherent… Some artist meetings are foreseeable, and liked by everyone… To see Luc, Bona and Gadd together on stage is a kind of fate ! Almost too wonderful to be true ! We even wonder why it wasn’t thought of before…

According to their experience, they know each other, for sure ! They already met each other in a studio, or during a concert in Marciac, in Douala, in Tokyo, in Stockholm, who knows… But they have never been on stage together. Just the three ! We just had to wait for the good time, for something like a good planet’s conjunction… It’s done !

But looking at their carreers, they’re not taking any risks doing this, neither are we. When three jazzmen of this level sit side by side in front of a mike, alléluia.

Richard Bona the Cameroonian went to Paris with his famous groove, before going to America with his afro songs, where he decided to keep his magic bass in New York.

Guitarist Sylvain Luc also knows America well now. How could the jazz country not see such a phenomenal artist? Sylvain, the most poetic parisian jazzman, has his own style, very loving and sharp at the same time, but always as close as possible to the melody. He never feels as comfortable as when he is in small conferences with other improvisers and professionals of rhythm. Totally free-style, but just a bit stressed, where imagination and surpassing are freewheeling.

Steve Gadd is also running « the big shiver ». Mister « the most » (the most imitated, the most announced, and the older), the drum’s yankee icon spent so many years in the studio (more than 600 albums) and touring is his preference. Opportunities to see Steve on stage become rare, and he knows it. So how to resist ?